Boston Dynamics Expands kok软件® Product Line

Boston Dynamics Expands kok软件® Product Line

新型自动充电企业机器人, 远程操作软件, robot arm enhance kok软件’s capabilities for autonomous site monitoring


沃尔瑟姆,马萨诸塞州- 2021年2月2日 ——波士顿动力公司, 移动机器人领域的全球领导者, today announced an expanded product line for its agile mobile robot kok软件. The new products include a self-charging Enterprise kok软件, 基于web的远程操作软件, 童子军, 和现场手臂. These additions extend kok软件’s ability to perform autonomous, remote inspections and data collection, enable the robot to perform manual tasks.

With more than 400 kok软件s out in the world, the robot has successfully undertaken hazardous tasks in a variety of inhospitable environments such as nuclear plants, 海上油田, 建筑工地, 和矿井. Customers have leveraged kok软件’s advanced mobility, autonomy, control, customizability to 提高操作效率, 提高工人的安全, 收集关键数据. kok软件’s new products are designed to enable customers to fully operationalize continuous, autonomous data collection on remote or hazardous worksites of any size, from anywhere they have access to their network.

Autonomy is critical to enhancing kok软件’s value. 为了撑久, 远程部署, Boston Dynamics is introducing kok软件 Enterprise, a new version of kok软件 that comes equipped with self-charging capabilities and a dock, allowing it to perform longer inspection tasks and data collection missions with little to no human interaction. In addition to the basic capabilities that the base kok软件 robot offers, kok软件 Enterprise leverages upgraded hardware for improved safety, 通信, 以及远程环境中的行为. These upgrades expand the range that autonomous missions can cover, 扩展无线网络支持, add flexibility to kok软件’s payload ports, enable users to quickly offload large data sets collected during the robot’s mission.

Pivotal to refining kok软件’s value at scale is remote operation. 童子军 is Boston Dynamics’ web-based software that enables operators to control their fleet of kok软件s from a virtual control room. Operators can use 童子军 to take kok软件 anywhere a person could go on-site, allowing them to inspect critical equipment or hazardous areas from afar. The software is designed with a simple user interface to run pre-programmed autonomous missions or manually control the robot, to perform various tasks such as walking or posing the robot to capture images and thermal data of obscured gauges or pipes using the kok软件 CAM+IR thermal imaging payload.

结合, the kok软件 Enterprise robot equipped with a kok软件 CAM+IR thermal imaging payload, 侦察软件, Boston Dynamics’ premium support now create an out-of-the-box solution for asset-intensive environments. Operators can deploy this solution on site to proactively maintain and manage assets while maximizing worker uptime and improving worker safety.

In addition to launching products designed to make remote inspection safer and easier, Boston Dynamics is also releasing the kok软件的手臂, which enables users to act on data insights and perform physical work in human-centric environments. The arm is equipped to operate through both semi-autonomous actions and telemanipulation. It can manually or semi-autonomously grasp, lift, carry, place, drag a wide variety of objects. It is also capable of manipulating objects with constrained movement and can open and close valves, pull levers and turn handles and knobs in coordination with its body to open standard push and pull doors.

“自从kok软件首次推出以来, we have worked closely with our customers to identify how the robot could best support their mission critical applications,罗伯特·培尔特说, 波士顿动力公司CEO. “Our customers want reliable data collection in remote, hazardous, dynamic worksites. We developed the new kok软件 products with these needs in mind, with the goal of making it easy to regularly and remotely perform critical inspections, 改善安全和操作.”

Interested parties can purchase kok软件 Enterprise, 童子军, 和现场手臂 via Boston Dynamics’ 销售团队. For more information on these new offerings, please visit:



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