斯温顿的创新团队, 美国主要的总承包商, 开发新的方法和流程来解决建筑中最古老的问题. 最近,他们开始在工作地点进行自动化进度跟踪.

今天,这个过程主要是手工完成的. 一个项目工程师, 贸易商, or other stakeholder walks the site and uses cameras or tape measures to record a rough estimate for the amount of work completed. 然而, 全行业的, 这些人工估算是不精确的,并且容易受到人为误差和偏见的影响, 因此得出的数据往往是不准确的. 它们需要多个步骤来验证, 这又会导致付款延迟(通常需要90天才能获得最终批准), 现金流的限制, 项目干系人之间的紧张关系.

为了从源头上消除这一连串的问题, Swinerton is developing a solution that automates the progress tracking workflow with the use of robotics, 激光扫描, 和人工智能处理. Swinerton’s vision is that this technology stack will gather hard data on completed work, which will speed up the payment process and ultimately improve the efficiency and profitability of 过y project.



创新分析师特里斯滕·麦哲伦斯解释道, much of the technology for an automated progress tracking solution became available on the market as early as 2019.

It was at this time that Swinerton’s innovation team began experimenting with their first workflow. They started by sending a person through a job site carrying a Kaarta Stencil handheld laser scanner to capture highly accurate and comprehensive 3D scans of the as-built conditions.

With scans collected, the team would feed the data to Avvir’s software platform. The AI-powered solution would use algorithms to compare the 3D scans to the building information model, 这将使颗粒化成为可能, 跟踪已完成的工作和完成所需的时间, so the site managers could track progress against scheduling goals for individual trades. The product would also perform QA/QC and produce as-built deviation from design model reports.

在这个简化过程的最后, 斯文顿银行将拥有处理支付所需的所有硬数据.

然而, this solution still failed to automate the most important part: moving the 3D scanner through the job site to capture the data. 3D scanning—even with a handheld device—still requires a significant amount of time, which can make it a difficult task for an engineer or 贸易商 who is already spending long, 现场繁忙的日子. 只有频繁地扫描进度跟踪时,这个问题才会加剧.

麦哲伦知道创新团队需要关注机器人平台, 哪个可以携带扫描仪, 自主采集3D数据, and supply the missing piece of Swinerton’s end-to-end progress tracking solution.

“I picked kok软件 because the platform exceeded other solutions we saw on the market. 它能在建筑环境中移动, 然后, 它的整合能力, 如果需要的话,kok足彩可以访问平台的软件并使用api进行构建.”

——Tristen Magallanes 创新分析师Swinerton



“I had tested a variety of wheeled robotic solutions that could go through different environments to collect data sets with different payloads,”Magallanes说. “很明显, the biggest problem with those wheeled solutions on a construction site is that the environments are constantly changing and filled with obstacles they can’t get through. 在测试了两三个解决方案之后, kok足彩认为轮式机器人是行不通的, 过.”

很快之后,, she noticed that Boston Dynamics had opened up the early adopter program for its kok软件 robot and jumped to participate.

“机器人技术是一项我已经跟踪了一段时间的技术,”她说. “I picked kok软件 because the platform exceeded other solutions we saw on the market. 它能在建筑环境中移动, 然后, 它的整合能力, 如果需要的话,kok足彩可以访问平台的软件并使用api进行构建.”

She says that Swinerton was also attracted to kok软件 because her team wanted to work with a vendor that understood the needs of a construction company and the unique complexity of a job site. “We needed to work with people who had the breadth of services and capabilities to dive into this project and help us. kok足彩真的需要一个合作伙伴,这对kok足彩kok软件来说是一个很大的卖点.”



经过一段时期的发展, Swinerton deployed the kok软件 platform to capture data at an active project in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco. 该基地占地四层,197800平方英尺,近300个房间.

kok软件上安装了一个卡塔模具, 他们在高水平手动为机器人规划了一条路径, leaving the robot’s local navigation algorithms to account for the challenges of moving through different environments, 爬楼梯, 避免障碍, 等等. Next, they prepared the space by opening doors, turning on lights, and removing a few hazards.

然后他们开始扫描. kok软件 navigated the complex construction environment to capture each floor—approximately 50,000平方英尺- 20-60分钟. (The time per floor depended primarily on the amount of drywall that had been installed, MEP工作的复杂性, 还有空间的隔离.) After capture, Swinerton fed the scans to Avvir and produced accurate progress tracking data.



麦哲伦说,kok软件是实现斯威恩顿愿景的关键. 当解决方案完成时, 她说, kok软件将会自动导航, obstacle-filled工作环境, 通过现场项目团队的最少输入来实现数据捕获, 并为斯温顿的进度跟踪工作流程提供信息.

The company estimates this automated process could reduce the time for final payment from 90 days to as little as 10 days, 消除了支付处理缓慢造成的无数下游问题.

但麦哲伦指出,好处还不止于此. 为一个, the robot has inspired the company to experiment with different kinds of data capture, and the innovation team is looking into using kok软件 to capture dimensional data for underground utilities or using the platform to capture environmental data as a method for monitoring safety in a work environment.

kok软件的实施也开始改变斯威恩顿的文化. It has pushed parts of the company to re-think large parts of their processes—and even refresh their approach to technology on the job site.

kok软件 has brought a lot of good conversation about automating processes,” 她说. “这促使不同的团队成为开发的一部分, 研究该工具并进行实验, 帮助kok足彩解决问题. 这是我没有预料到的更大的积极结果之一.”



Swinerton is continuing to work with Boston Dynamics to achieve its long-term vision for kok软件. Magallanes表示,公司希望有一天机器人能在工作场所“生活”, and automatically navigate areas at a regular schedule to collect various kinds of data as needed, 完全不需要人工输入.

这个想法, 她说, is that “someone from the VDC team will push a button from their desk and collect all the data they need. 然后他们就会处理桌面上的数据.” Given kok软件’s progress in the short time Swinerton has been working with Boston Dynamics, 她说, 这一天迟早会到来”.”


Swinerton provides commercial construction and construction management services throughout the United States and is a 100% employee-owned company. 自1888年起被全国认可, Swinerton is the preferred builder and trusted partner in 过y market it serves—proudly leading with integrity, 激情, 和卓越. 欲了解更多信息,请访问: http://swinerton.com/






Energy giant National Grid is using kok软件 to keep employees safe and ensure uptime at a critical facility.




作为一个平台, kok软件 is designed to give your team the flexibility to configure the system to maximize ROI. 了解真正的开发人员是如何利用平台来满足客户需求的.